September 2017


September is turning out to be a “crazy” busy month at St. Gregory’s.

First and foremost, we welcome Mother Lily Marx as our new Priest-in-Charge. She officially starts on September 1st and has outfitted her office at the end of the hall, past the restrooms. (See her letter in the newsletter on page 2.)

On Sunday, September 17 we'll have the choir back, Sunday School Registration will start, and we'll have an Ice Cream Social after the 10 am service!

To recap the Summer, Lily’s Ordination to the Priesthood was a huge undertaking and a glorious celebration on July 29th. The service was attended by about 260 people on a hot, July late-morning and was a spectacular event. The luncheon at the Verdonis Event Center topped off the day. Thanks to so many people who pitched in to make the day a memorable event! (Pictures on Page 4 of the newsletter.)

Arts Camp 2017 incorporated church volunteers and Artists-In-Residence each day to make this year’s camp better than ever. All the campers were excited throughout the week with all the projects and got to “show off” what they had learned and created with a short program and Arts exhibit for family members on the last evening. The picture banners are still on bulletin boards; an additional group picture is on Page 8 of the newsletter.


Service Cancellations

In the event of extreme weather and/or hazardous road and parking lot conditions which will cause the cancellation of services, meetings or events at St. Gregory’s, the information will be:
  •  Sent out by email;
  •  Posted on WZZM TV13 & WOTV8 and WOTV4;
  •  If in doubt, Call the Senior Warden