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Welcome to St. Gregory's
where Christ challenges us each and every day to love him and love each other

Church Family Thanksgiving Dinner

An Early Thanksgiving Treat!

The Parish Life Committee is hosting an all-Parish Thanksgiving Dinner on Sunday, November 16th following the late service. There will only be one service that Sunday, at 10:30am, and it will be the usual 3rd Sunday Eucharist with guitar music accompaniment. The monthly Vestry meeting will be at 8:30am that day as well.  All the traditional Thanksgiving fixings will be served buffet style, which will be set up in the Library. Turkey, mashed potatoes & gravy, stuffing, cranberry sauce, and a variety of vegetables are on the menu. Beverages and desserts will be in the Parish Hall where everyone will eat and socialize.  Donations of vegetable dishes, mashed potatoes and desserts are requested. Look for a sign-up sheet on the Narthex table at the 8 o’clock service or see Dean Huff at the 10:30 service. If you would like to help in other ways, contact Dean at 780-1284.

Advent Begins A New Church Year!
Advent Begins November 30th!

Advent, a season of four Sundays, opens the church year and begins on the 4th Sunday before Christmas and ends on Christmas Eve. The word,  Advent, consists of two Latin words: ad - venire, “to come to.” Advent’s message is that God in Christ is coming to the world; the Message of Advent is to “prepare.”  Beginning on the First Sunday of Advent, November 30, Rite I services will be used throughout the season. Morning Prayer will be read on the 30th and Holy Communion will be celebrated on the remaining Sundays in Advent. We will change back to Rite II on Christmas Eve.  The altar hangings and the clergy vestments will change to blue during Advent. Purple was the traditional color of the season as purple signifies a time of repentance, of taking stock of our spiritual lives as we patiently await the arrival of our Lord. In more recent times; some churches have adopted blue
as the color of Advent. Blue represents hope, expectation, and heaven. Blue was the color of Advent in the early ancient church, and has been recovered again in our tradition. Advent Wreath Adds Focus to the Season. The four candles represent the four weeks of Advent. Three candles are blue and one is pink or rose. Look for the addition of the wreath at the end services on the 30th.

Service Cancellations
In the event of extreme weather and/or hazardous road and parking lot conditions which will cause the cancellation of services, meetings or events at St. Gregory’s, the information will be:
  •  Sent out by email;
  •  Posted on WZZM TV13 & WOTV8 and WOTV4;
  •  If in doubt, Call the Senior Warden

Sunday Worship at

8:00 a.m. & 10:30 a.m.
(no music at the early service)

Sunday school is at 10:30 a.m.