Mission & Outreach Updates
March 2020

St. Gregory's will help Episcopal Relief and Development form Women's Empowerment Classes. Women in the program – all from third world countries– improve their lives through classes they  choose themselves. The groups study a subject or take action depending on their local needs.  Empowerment classes are offered Kenya, Sri Lanka, Columbia, Guatemala, Honduras, Peru, the Solomon Islands and Vanuatu. St. Greg's can help these women with a donation this Lent. Each $25 collected enrolls one woman for one year for classes in:

⚫ Reading,

⚫ Writing

⚫ Financial Literacy

⚫ Women's Savings & Micro-loan

⚫ Domestic Abuse

⚫ Gender Bias

⚫ Health

⚫ Nutrition

⚫ Child-rearing

Make checks payable to St. Gregory's Church with “ERD” or Episcopal Relief & Development in the
memo line. The last chance to contribute is March 29.

Parish Youth will continue to support the Community Breakfast through the “Noisy Collection”, March 15 through May 17. Expect to hear jingling cans of cash as kids collect during Offering. PS: It's OK to contribute bills to this collection. It will keep the noise down and help the Breakfast at the same time.

Coffee Talk speaker Kate Kesteloot-Scarbrough will visit March 15. Kate is the Director of Mediation
and Restorative Services which provides dispute resolution and reconciliation in West Michigan.  Their trained volunteers serve the criminal justice system, neighbors in dispute, child custody cases, the EXIT program, public schools and more. The Coffee Talk program follows the 10 AM service.

More Outreach Doings: St. Gregory's will serve at the Supper House 3- 6 PM Tuesday March 10.
Contact Barb Huff if you would like to help. The Scouts are bringing the Mobile Food Pantry to St.
Greg's Saturday, March 14. Outreach will welcome Pantry clients with coffee, cookies and hot chocolate at a Hospitality Table.

Jim Horan, Mission & Outreach Chair


The Pastoral Care Team is now actively serving the members of St. Gregory’s. Each week Team members are scheduled for either Eucharistic Visits or various aspects of Pastoral Care.  Those who are “on duty” are listed on the Server Schedule of the newsletter. Weekly Servers are also listed in Bulletin Announcements on Sundays.  “All members of the congregation are on the Pastoral Team by letting the Team Members know when needs arise." The Eucharistic Visitor is Linda Scheerer.  Pastoral Team Members include Marge Collinge, Tracy Damm, Barb Huff. Jim Horan heads up the Transportation & Delivery Team; Jeff Closz organizes the Music Team; and Gayle Katz updates and distributes the Prayer Chain. All members’ phone numbers are listed in the Parish Directory, which has just recently been updated and is available from the church office if you’ve misplaced yours.