Mother Lily’s Message


Dear Friends,

I read a meme on Facebook today that meant a great deal to me and to my ministry. It is one that could offend if it is taken for face value and if the deeper meaning is not recognized and  understood for what it is; for what it means to say. Here it is. It is a statement to the church. “Church; we must end our preoccupation with member preferences and ‘the way we’ve always done it,’ and instead focus relentlessly on the church’s mission and purpose.” Now, I do not believe it is telling the church to give up or stop listening to member preferences or to give up our  traditions. What it is saying is that the Church’s preoccupation with member preferences and traditions is not what being “church” is all about. When we allow ourselves to be sucked into this way of being “church”, we lose sight of what being “church” really is. You have heard me say it before, “The church has gotten it wrong", all too often.

God did not come to us in the form of a human to make us a community of believers, only. And God did not expect that community to stay the same. God came to bring light to the world. Enlightenment means change, adaption, and growth. New wine in fresh wine skins. The work of Jesus, the life of Jesus, and the being of Jesus, as church (our manifestation of what, who and how we experience Jesus) is mission  and purpose. It is that simple. What is God asking of us? What is God’s plan for God’s creation? What and who are we, when made in the image of God? We are mission and purpose. We are church in a way that is relentlessly focused on these two things. We are Jesus in whatever capacity brings us closest to what, who, why and how God is. The way we have always thought about God and church may need to be rethought and that is difficult for some to understand, but this is what we call, in the church, transformation. It is nothing to be afraid of.

Warmly, and with many blessings.
Mother Lily+