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Dear Friends,

Gratitude or grumble? That is a great question to ask ourselves. It is easy to fall into complaining and harder to recognize how fortunate we are and how thankful we should be. I always told my children that they needed to experience something before they had the right to complain. This was effective when I was trying to get them to try something new. I often ask myself, whatever happened to thank-you notes, and words of appreciation, and finding solutions rather than problems in life? I learned solution-focused therapy early in my other career and have maintained this philosophy throughout my life. It would be a good one for all of us to remember and follow. Rather than merely complain, and seek commiserating with others, we need to ask ourselves, what can we do? There will always be answers to our dilemmas because God/Holy Spirit will provide. That is what I have discovered. When hope seems all but gone, the Holy Spirit moves (in our being) and we find solutions. Maybe not what we ever might have thought about on our own, but solutions, never-the-less. Grumbling leads one way - negativity, immobilization, and possible resentment and bitterness. Solution-focused brings us answers and leads to gratefulness, possibilities, and peace of mind. It keeps our hope alive. Can't top that! Can't feel any better than that! So, why grumble? It doesn't make a whole lot of sense if you think about it. 

Warmly, and with many blessings,
Mother Lily