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where Christ challenges us each and every day to love him and love each other

Dear Friends,

     Last week was spent at the St. Francis Retreat Center where I was able to connect with many colleagues. Some over Commission on Ministry business and some just for the heck of it, catching up and/or sharing laughter and joy. The week ended with a Chrism Mass where we received our new oil for anointing. This is something we do regularly at the Wednesday night service. So, please come and share in the anointing, if you or a loved one is in need of healing, and I mean healing of any kind.
     Pentecost is next Sunday, and the season begins. Remember to wear red on Sunday. Feel the breeze of the Spirit move all around you, through you, and within you. The Holy Spirit has been given to you as a gift from your creator. Let its guidance fill you with wisdom and truth. We live in a time where the untruth has become acceptable by some. The manipulation of the truth exists in the media and in many other places in our world, which creates in us the question of "what is the truth and what is not?" Know that the Spirit can guide you to the truth, if we open ourselves up to it, and let it do what God intended it to do. The Spirit is an advocate of God. Shall we use this gift. YES. May the Spirit be with you, now and always!
Warmly and with love,
Mother Lily